Meet Nancy Cook

Five short years ago, I received a call form a store owner in Bend, Oregon asking me if she could teach my patterns.  Her name is Karen Morrow.  I promptly told her no because they had my name on them and I didn’t even know who she was.   After calls back and forth, we agreed on a date and I would certify her to teach my patterns.  She was joined by Sandy from  Washington and Robin from California.   They were my first three instructors.  They have since been joined by more brilliant and talented ladies.

What goes into being certified?  More than anything—a lot of work!  These ladies spend many days with me in very small classes and learn how I designed my patterns, how I teach my patterns  but most importantly how to fit my patterns.  During certification, they  get a different “student” each day that they teach while I watch .  Topics go from construction, techniques  to again most important—how to FIT.  To see the instructors and where they live and how to get in touch with them, please go to  Many of them offer private lessons which is the way I started my business.
It has been amazing to work with these creative ladies and I am thrilled that they are part of the FitNice family.
Over the coming months, I will be highlighting each one of these phenomenal talents.

First up is Nancy Cook from Beaver Dam, WI.

[basel_title title=”In Nancy’s Own Words”]

Whenever, I introduce myself to my FitNice classes, I always say “I am the other Nancy from Beaver Dam Wisconsin.” [It’s ok, Nancy Zieman has been a friend for many years.] But just who is this person—this  other Nancy?

I was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. My earliest sewing memory was intently watching my mother sewing my clothes. I loved going to fabric stores with her and seeing all the colors and touching all the fabrics. That Singer machine that my mom used now sits in my sewing room and serves as a fond reminder of how I learned how to sew.I even married a man who sews! Bert has been my partner in life and in sewing for over 36 years. He sews, serges, machine embroiders and knows how to quilt. He does all the ordering and setting up when we teach FitNice classes for guilds, stores or expos.

For 33 years, I taught school—first grade through middle school. It was never a dull moment and I even spent some of my summers teaching boys and girls how to machine embroider. [including my daughter, Diana, who is a microbiologist.]  It was at middle school that I co-directed the Drama Club with my dear friend, Barbara. She encouraged me to audition for Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre and we have co-starred in 2 productions in fun character roles in comedies.

Aside from sewing and theatre, I love to cook and entertain. Collecting new recipes and having friends and family over to be guinea pigs makes for great fun! I also love to travel—the Caribbean, Germany and England are some of my favorite places to visit. When I want to change my mood from sad to glad, I listen to Beatles music and dance! I love history—especially the costumes and helped make my daughter’s Renaissance costume for the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I also enjoyed the exhibit of Downton Abbey costumes at the Paine Art Center.

I have taught individuals, classes at stores, for  ASG groups and at Original Sewing and Quilt Expo and American Sewing Expo. I love to travel with my husband Bert, who sews and uses the FitNice system for tops and pants for himself. He handles the business and I get to have fun teaching and seeing the LIGHT BULB moment when people discover that FitNice will work for them.