Stephanie Dawn – American Style * American Made – Handbags, Totes, Accessories

This blog was submitted by Marilyn Morgan FitNice Club – ASG member.

I first became acquainted with this local company through an ASG (American Sewing Guild) member in my Neighborhood Group. Overtime, I have come to know the people that make up Stephanie Dawn and their products. As a sewing enthusiast, I love taking advantage of their twice a year factory outlet sales where one can purchase discontinued fabric lines, notions, handbag hardware plus their entire line of totes, handbags and accessories; all at discount prices.

Located in Van Wert, Ohio, KAM Manufacturing aka Stephanie Dawn has produced highly sought after quality quilted handbags for more than 25 years.

Like other small businesses, they started out in their garage, contracting with a nationally known handbag manufacturer and eventually building a facility in Van Wert. In 2002, Van Wert experienced a surprise November tornado that wiped KAM Mfg. off the map.  KAM rebuilt a new and even larger facility. All was going well until the company they were contracted with decided to have their product mass produced at another location and eventually produced overseas. It became a game changer for KAM Mfg. Throughout the life of any small business the need to reinvent itself can become imperative to stay alive. Enter the next chapter.

In 2008 with the decline of quilted purses and handbags being made in the USA they decided to design, manufacture and distribute their very own line. They are dedicated to providing quality American Style, American Made handbags, lanyards, wallets and more to the nation and quality jobs to Ohioans.

Stephanie Dawn quilted handbags are fun, functional and fresh. All colors and patterns are designed with modern American women of all ages in mind.

Finally, a stylish and high quality handbag line that is EXCLUSIVELY MADE IN THE USA.

Stephanie Dawn just happens to be the granddaughter of Kim, the woman who started it all. Customer service is a big part of who they are.

The entire staff is there to help you and listen to your ideas for new items. They also give back to the community by supplying fabrics and the laser cutting of “Hens for Hospice” hot pad holders. These chick designs are assembled by local sewers and finished at KAM Mfg. They sell for $10 each with half the proceeds being given to our Inpatient Hospice Center in Van Wert. This money helps those in hospice care that cannot afford items not covered by insurance.

Check them out at:  You’ll be amazed.