Judy’s FitNice Club

By Marilyn Morgan

Have you ever found yourself back home from a wonderful weekend event filled with fashion designing, fitting help, fabric shopping and sewing; wishing somehow to keep the momentum going?

Anyone that has attended Judy Kessinger’s FitNice Seminars knows what I’m talking about. So my partner in crime, Debbie Morgan, and I decided to do something about it.  We can’t always attend a Judy retreat, but we can form our own Judy Club!

Our Chapter of American Sewing Guild had Judy come to Fort Wayne last September to present her 3 day workshop.  Everyone attending went home with a re-enthused passion for sewing for THEMSELVES. That’s when our Fort Wayne chapter decided to keep the momentum going by starting a new Neighborhood Group called for the time being:  Judy’s FitNice Girls NG. We will meet each month with the co-leaders picking out a Judy top variation or later on a pants variation.  We plan on showcasing the garment for that month, helping the members make a new pattern (NEVER, NEVER cut up your Master Pattern), and cut out the fashion fabric.  We’ll let the group know in advance how much fabric to bring and maybe give a hint as to the best choice in choosing a printed design.


The only requirements needed to join are:   

1. Be a member of ASG

2. Have previously purchased the Master Pattern system from Judy.

​3. Be willing to think outside the box when it comes to style and design.


We will encourage each participant to take their ready-to-sew fabric home and construct it for Show & Tell at the next meeting. We’ll address any tweaking to our master pattern as needed. We’ll talk about the wonders of using French Fuse. We’ll have Pattern Ease available for making new patterns.

We hope to keep the enthusiasm going by challenging ourselves to come up with new ways to design or style a garment.  We have even talked about a road trip to Michigan to acquire fabric for our creations. Maybe we’ll take an overnight trip to Austin’s in Louisville, Kentucky – Judy’s hometown fabric & sewing machine center. Judy and shop owner, Teresa Packer often hold Judy classes and workshops. Teresa has a fabulous store filled with quality fashion fabrics as well as new thread options and notions we don’t see around our area. She’s also a dealer for Baby Lock, Janome, Juki and Brother sewing machines.

 Why don’t you think about starting your own Judy Club?

Use Judy’s newest page on Facebook, FitNice Sewing Sisters, to share or show your creations and get feedback from others who enjoy creating garments that fit, are stylish and fun to make. Judy also posts yummy looking recipes .

Hmmm, maybe we can call ourselves “Judy’s Donut Club NG” . . . just sayin’.