Barbara, My SEW Sister

Nine years ago, I met a fabulous woman in class.  She was interested in sewing with me one on one.  Little did either of us know then how much our friendship would grow. 

Barbara Swanson is a born and raised Cailifornia girl.  She is a superb Mom to her  two sons and a doting grandma to her two grand children.  You have met Barbara on the videos, at the expos , at retreats and in some of the classes I teach.

Whenever Matt and I film, Barbara is there.  Not only to be on camera but to make sure I say everything right. How many of your friends would let you measure them on camera for all to see?  Barbara did that and more.

Barbara always jokes that it “takes a village”—so she is not only the village but the whole country! Many of you lucky ladies have met and worked with her.   I was beyond thrilled when she said she wanted to become a FitNice instructor.  Sew…what took you so long?

After I introduce Barbara at classes—I always say—“I wish a Barbara for all of you” all of you that have friends like her know how blessed you are! She is so much more than a friend.

When I was in LA last spring, Barbara and I took the rack on the patio and started “playing” in the clothes.

So enjoy our “playing” dress up.  I hope you enjoy watching as much as we did filming!


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