My sewing adventures began when I was just a young girl, borrowing my mothers scrap fabrics and pinning them together to make what I considered “High Fashion” outfits for my Barbie Dolls!  With my mother teaching sewing classes out of our home, growing that business and eventually owning her own sewing store, it was assumed by many that I would naturally follow in her path however my idea of working with a pattern was far different than what was being taught in my Girl Scout troops and 4H Clubs.  All the other girls would follow along nicely and accept the patterns for what they were and make beautiful problem-free garments.  I was always the exception.  I never liked a pattern for what it was and by the time I finished explaining to my mother the many adjustments and modifications I wanted to make so that that garment was what I wanted it to be….it resembled nothing of the original pattern, became a drafting nightmare and my mother wanted to pull her hair out!

So… many years later when my mother (Karen Jarrett- also a Fit Nice Instructor) introduced me to Fit Nice, I was in Heaven.  I could now take the one pattern that fit me perfectly and make WHATEVER I wanted with it……I was in love!


Email: elizabeth@jarrettent.com


Thank you, Judy, for creating the easy to follow and understand Fit Nice System that allows my creativity to know no boundaries.