FitNice Sewing Retreats


All the obvious stuff – quiet time to sew, no cooking or doing dishes, a peaceful place to be and and being able to focus!

Here are all the perks:
  • You will learn how to become your own designer by copying ideas
  • You will make sew many friends
  • You will feed off each other’s enthusiasm

One of the things I love the most about these retreats is to watch each lady grow with confidence and capability from the time she arrives till she leaves.

On the first day I will measure and draw your top pattern for you.  Together we will fit not only you but the comfort part of YOU!

On the second day we will discuss pants fit, options, and fabrics for different looks.  I will show you some tricks to hide—the cookies!

On the third day we will join in a class called “Let’s Face It”

Everyone brings a picture from a magazine or catalog of something they would like to copy and I show you how to do that.   And then the fun begins

The last day will be for finishing and making sure you have the pattern re altered if necessary.  Want to match patterns to all the garments you create.

You can sew as late as you wish-the room is open all night. The fun starts here!