Getting to Know “The Fit Doctor”, Judy Kessinger

I first met Judy at the 2015 Nancy’s Notions Sewing Weekend.  Judy aka “the Fit Doctor” was one of the vendors offering her years of experience fitting tops and pants to women of all sizes. I took a class from her, learned about her “Fit Nice System”, enjoyed her trunk show and was hooked.

I returned home with a master pants pattern fit to my body’s measurements, a DVD for guidance and the excitement to finally make a pair of slacks that fit my less than svelte body. My first attempt went so well, I knew I was this close to having a perfect fit but needed guidance on the final fit.  Fast forward to December when we learned that Nancy’s Notions was bringing Judy back to Beaver Dam for a 3 day hands on pants workshop. It took my sister and I about 2 minutes to decide to sign up. For us it meant a 7 hour car trip and hotel stay, but it was well worth our time and money.  We both came home at the end of the weekend with 3 finished pairs of slacks in 3 styles and a 4th pair cut out and ready to assemble.  And they fit. Not just fit, but fit really well. If you’ve ever taken class after class on pants fitting without success, you’ll understand our euphoria at the end of the weekend.

When asked if she would ever consent to an interview for our ASG chapter newsletter, I learned that Judy is also a member of ASG – Louisville chapter –  and I also learned that ASG ladies are some of her favorite people  . . . she doesn’t have to coerce us into sitting down to sew . . .we already are fertile ground for anything sewing and fit.   I learned that frustration began her sewing career. She was frustrated with traditional methods of fit that made the process more of a chore than a solution. Sewing educator and friend Katie Bartz encouraged Judy to take her fitting techniques to the sewing community.  Katie even named the business: “Fit Nice System”. Judy turned frustration into a successful business.

She’s perfected her fitting system over the last 30 years one crotch at a time.  Yes I did say crotch.  Think about it. When it comes to fitting pants, where is the biggest problem area?  Fitting the crotch.   She can fit it easily !   Same goes for tops. Narrow shoulders, large busts – doesn’t matter, she has the fitting solution and design ideas.  Being women of a certain age, I had to agree when Judy observed that we are their own worst enemies when it comes to feeling good about the way we look.  Judy found very few of us like the way we look in our clothes.  We think we don’t measure up to the accepted norm.  Judy changes that thinking. . .  one crotch at a time.

We talked about the decline of the local fabric store, what people said their worst problem was . . . fit was # 1 followed by which fabric to use. We talked about the easiest fit solution being to stand before a full length mirror and give yourself a good dose of honesty. What looks best on your body vs. the current fashion style; i.e. skinny jeans are not every woman’s friend.  She suggests it’s great to go by yourself to a better quality clothier and try on everything in your size, no matter if you like it’s hanger appeal. You’ll soon find out what style looks good on your body, not what the sales person or your closest friends tells you.  You’ll be surprised what you learn about your personal style.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest. You can visit her website: or join her in January 2017 for an ASG Sewing Tour Weekend in L.A.  that will include fabric shopping and hands on sewing.

Submitted by: Marilyn Morgan – Fort Wayne Chapter ASG – Newsletter Editor


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