In the beginning was the Dondi Neckline

By Marilyn Morgan

Well . . . not quite.  As most of are aware by now, the Dondi has won over the country when it comes to the favorite neckline to create. It’s a no-brainer . . . it flatters all figure types and it’s easy to wear.

In the beginning though, it wasn’t easy.  The story goes something like this:  One day in a faraway Florida City, Judy and Dondi Squires were together at, I’m guessing here, a sewing event. You may know of Dondi and her mom Jan. They kind of have something to do with “Beyond the Stitches” in Crystal River, Florida.   I  digress. . . Dondi was wearing a store-bought top featuring this cool cowl-but-not-a-cowl neckline that intrigued Judy.  Judy decided to recreate the look for FitNice. Easy-peasy . . . Except it wasn’t.  Judy couldn’t tell me exactly how many attempts were made before the Dondi was “born” but it was more than one. 

We are familiar with the Chanel Trim neckline – where we are instructed to make the neckband shorter than the neck opening. That’s where she started with the Dondi.  It didn’t work.  After numerous revisions, Judy found that the Dondi “collar” needed to be a larger circumference than the neck opening. Deciding how much larger proved to be the challenge. Depending on the fabric you can cut the Dondi 2 to 4 inches longer than the opening.  It will sew into the neck opening without gathers or puckering. Most importantly is how it lays against the body.  Done right, it should lay softly against the chest. This fun neckline can be added to a low or higher scooped neckline.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed changing the depth of the scoop so as to showcase jewelry or to wear the top with an over piece. This design is very versatile! It’s no wonder this top has taken the nation by sewing storm.

If per chance you haven’t yet made a Dondi top – the directions are in Judy’s “Design It Yourself” workbook. 

Try it !  I’ll bet you’ll make more than one.

Oh heck . . .   I’ll bet you’ll make more than 5!   I’m not saying how many I’ve made . . . it’s embarrassing.

Watch The Video Below:

Dondi Squires

Judy’s Favorite and Highly Under Paid Model wearing the Dondi top


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