PATTI VAN MATRE – Crystal River, FL


We have so many talented women in our generation that have shared their sewing talents and expertise with me. Peggy Sagers, Janet Pray, Louise Cutting, Martha Pullen, Pamela Leggett, Pam Crosby, and of course our Judy Kessinger. From each one of these experts I have learned a great deal and with Judy Kessinger learned to put it all together and love the art of garment making even more. 

Sewing since I was 10 years old has been a life long learning experience that has served me well, through each stage of my life. Now, I am very proud to be a certified instructor for my dear friend and inspiration, Judy Kessinger. 

Dondi Squires, daughter of my best friend, Jan Squires has opened up Beyond the Stitches in Crystal River, Florida and has graciously ask me to teach garment making at her store. You can see her store and class offerings on

My background besides sewing includes a career in nursing and a deep love for the Lord. Come sew with me. 

Patti Van Matre
352 650 1104

Beyond the Stitches
Phone: 352 794 3289
979 North Suncoast Blvd
Crystal River, Fl 33429