I have enjoyed working with fabrics since I was a child—My mom taught me to quilt when I was around 10. I strayed away from the sewing world for a few years after that, but returned (much to my mother’s enjoyment!) about 5 years ago when I joined the team at her quilt store, the Quilting Connection in Ames, Iowa. Since then, I have also become a teacher in the store on topics such as purses, wallets, machine embroidery, and now clothing. I have always enjoyed making “wearables” out of quilt-weight cotton, such as bags and simple tops, but knits were more foreign to me. Ever since Judy introduced me to the FitNice System I’ve caught the fever! I love looking at clothes people are wearing on the street and mentally picking them apart to see how I could make it myself. I’m never scared to try something new, which is where most of my knowledge comes from! There are times where I don’t already know an answer to a specific question, but I work through it with students to find the best solution!


Email:  rachel@iaquilts.com
Phone:  515-233-3048