Sue Ann Obremski inherited her love for sewing from her mother. At the age of 8, Sue Ann started teaching her to sew and Sue Ann has been sewing since. Starting with Baby doll clothes and moving up from there. As she grew, her love for sewing continued to grow along with her love for creating and teaching others. Sue Ann started teaching and sharing her ideas with others 35 years ago.

In the 80s, when becoming a Great Aunt to several grand nieces and nephews, Sue Ann then focused on creating outfits and sewing for them. And with those sewing experiences she put pen to computer paper and authored a book, Quick and Easy Layette Sewing.

Her sewing experience also includes designing apparel, heirloom sewing; craft sewing; and home decorating. She is a licensed Fit Nice Instructor, and a Martha Pullen Heirloom Instructor. As a Fit Nice Instructor she conducts classes so women can have a pair of pants and/or top fit great. And gives her students the encouragement to continue making tops and/or pants and be creative. The most fun is having ‘Inspirational Seminars’ where she shares her ideas and techniques and others share.

Sue Ann’s inspirations often comes from something she calls a ‘brain drain’, which is don’t think of anything in particular, and let the ideas come in. Those ideas help her improve and embellish articles to make them more convenient, useable, adaptable and affordable. She gives credit for her confidence and enthusiasm to her mentor and dear friend, Judy Kessinger, founder of The Fit Nice System,