Sue Ingram-Spinicelli – Orlando, FL


I am one who has always had a passion for sewing. I love going into fabric stores looking and feeling fabrics and trims; buttons and zippers, enthusiastic about what I
can design. Being in the financial profession for 30 years, I’ve dressed for success in my creations. Throughout the years I have taken numerous classes and workshops,
always learning and perfecting my skills.This passion has led me out of the financial industry into volunteering as state treasurer for a newly formed sewing organization in Florida; Florida Sewing Sew-ciety. I
have participated and helped organize our first sewing Expo, which was a huge success. Teaching classes and projects at our neighborhood sewing groups has been fun
and rewarding.

I am available to teach individuals, groups and guilds.


Phone: 407.590.9670


Learning to fit patterns had always been a challenge. Once I found Fit Nice Systems, fitting has become easy. With one basic pattern, multiple styles can be created
easily. I am excited to teach this method as a Certified Fit Nice Systems instructor!