Veronice McRae – Kennewick, Washington


Veronica McRae has been sewing since she was 9 years old. She comes from a family of sewers and grew up surrounded by a large creative family women and all their sewing machines. Her passion started when she first struggled to turn a piece of clothing she saw in a picture and make it come to life. Through early self-teaching she quickly fell in love with the process, techniques, and the outcome of seeing garments come to life through her own work. With further education through advanced sewing courses, she has developed her skills and techniques. Veronica is a certified Fit Nice sewing instructor as well as a serger instructor. Veronica has been a creative teacher for years. She’s skilled at simplifying steps and educating others how to sew. You can find more of her upcoming courses she teaches at Sandy’s Fabric in Kennewick, Washington.

Phone: 509.987.4343


Judy Kessinger is a fitting expert and a sewing genius. Her experience and expertise are matched only by her kind heart, warm spirit and beautiful smile. My teacher training has given me so much confidence and inspiration that I feel completely set up for success. Thank you Judy!! I could not have been more impressed!