Design It Yourself: A FitNice Workbook

All you need to create and design your own personal wardrobe with style and confidence is any basic pattern and THIS workbook. If you are a beginner, welcome to the wonderful world of sewing and if you’ve been sewing for years, learn how to make your sewing easier and take the stress out of seamstress one stitch at a time. Easy to follow instructions with big bold pictures and an instructional video for each project to follow along with. I love what I have created and I bet you will too. You have the opportunity to sew with confidence and make what you like, using the fabrics you like while announcing to the world “I made this!” Congratulations!

While this workbook works with any basic pattern, if you’re looking for better fit make sure to try out the FitNice Master Top and Pants pattern. the only patterns your ever need.


Table Of Contents: Chapter Content

CHAPTER 1 – Basic Sewing Directions for ALL Garments

  • Basic Neck Edge For Woven
  • Basic Sewing For All Woven Jackets
  • Basic Sewing For Knit Jackets
  • Basic Sewing For Knit Tops

CHAPTER 2  – Guidelines to Creating Patterns

  • Create Basic Jackets From Knit
  • Creating Jackets From Woven
  • How to create a Raglan Pattern
  • Just The Cap Of The Sleeve

CHAPTER 3 – Blouses from Woven Fabric

  • Front Button Woven Blouse
  • Miss Princess Blouse
  • Serger Blouse
  • Swing blouse
  • Tuxedo Blouse
  • Woven Pullover Blouse

CHAPTER 4 – Coats

  • Duchess Coat
  • Levines Coat
  • Raglan Coat
  • Suzy Coat
  • Uptown Tunic Jacket

CHAPTER 5 – Dress for Comfort

  • BONUS Elastic Thread Dress
  • Crossover V With Contrasting Trim
  • Dress For Comfort Plain Shift
  • Little Black Dress

CHAPTER 6 – Easy Knit Tops

  • Audrey Top
  • Bias Top
  • Bobbie Top
  • Cross Over Top
  • Dolman Sleeves
  • Dondi Top
  • Gathered V
  • Half And Half
  • Holiday Raglan
  • Katherine Top
  • Laura Lee
  • Maura Top
  • Miranda Top
  • Patti Top
  • Peek-A-Boo Top
  • Ribbon Weaving
  • Sarah Top
  • Sea Side Top
  • Slim Jim
  • Strips And Stripes
  • Tami Tube Top
  • Terese Top
  • Versatility
  • Zipper In Raglan

CHAPTER 7 – Jackets from Knit Fabric

  • Braided Jacket
  • Callie Cardigan
  • Easy Fold Over Jacket
  • Lacey Miss Jacket
  • Maggie Marie Jacket
  • Princess Jacket
  • Sassy Sweaters
  • Striped Raglan Jacket
  • Suellen Jacket
  • Surena Jacket
  • Warm Up Jacket that is Cool

CHAPTER 8 – Jackets from Woven Fabric

  • CoCo Jacket
  • Derby Diva Jacket
  • Dolman Jacket With Basket Weave
  • Elastic Thread Jacket
  • Foxy Lady Jacket
  • Jacket-2-Tote
  • Mary K Jacket
  • Off to the Races
  • Olivia Jacket
  • Red Wool Jacket
  • Ribbon Jacket
  • TeeBroidery Jacket
  • Three Hour Swing Jacket

CHAPTER 9 – One Size Fits ALL

  • For The Sheer Fun Of It
  • Fringed Shawl
  • Ruana
  • The Perfect Wrap

CHAPTER 10 – Variations for Pants Pattern

  • Jeans
  • One Pattern Five Styles
  • Shorts

CHAPTER 11 – Vests

  • Best Dressed Vest
  • California Swing Vest
  • Judes vest
  • Surena Lace Vest
  • Terese Vest

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Customer Testimonials

You’ve outdone yourself! What a great resource and so beautifully put together.    


OH MY! It’s gorgeous! 


Love the book.  Can’t put it down.


Just received the new book. Just learned how set in a sleeve with woven material, much better than how I have been doing it in the past. I am trying to save book till we are on the road. Thank you this is going to be great. Hope you have great success. This book is on the cutting edge. I cannot say enough.


Judy Thank you for writing the book Design It Yourself. It is just wonderful so educational and easy to follow.


I am speechless. OH MY GOD it is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your book is divine and a TREASURE.


First, let me say how much I am enjoying the Design it Yourself book.  I am getting ready to make an outfit for a wedding in June and have found your information on changing patterns so simple but classy. The video scan idea was awesome. Love that. Thanks for all you are doing for the garment sewing industry.