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Size doesn’t matter — whether you’re designing and creating your own clothes or just tweaking what you already have.  Let the Fit Doctor show you how to make simple fitting changes to create your comfortable style.   Learn how to use the FitNice system to fashion a whole new look with a whole new wardrobe. 

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Judy Kessinger started her career owning and operating a small retail fabric store in Louisville, Kentucky.  She traveled nationwide holding seminars for Hancock Fabrics for over 25 years, designed costumes for national and international figure skaters and created a fast and easy way to conquer fitting problems for that field.

Judy’s next goal was to make stress-free sewing with simple solutions for fitting.  Her personal style included many relaxed,  comfortable but well fitted  outfits. In her search for the “perfect” pattern she decided to use her experience and create the system herself.  The Master Tops and Master Pants patterns were born! Once you FIT the basic pattern, you can build and create an entire wardrobe on those two patterns.

She is known by many as the Fit Doctor, curing the ills of the sewing “blues”.   Sewing is the easy part but it’s the FITTING that makes garments come alive and compliment the body instead of just covering it!

Her web site  www.fitnicesystem.com has allowed her to expand into more teaching tools for her “Sewing Sisters” with videos and online classes.  Judy has been blessed to have touched the lives of countless women, teaching them the tricks of looking trim and feeling fantastic by simply fitting themselves properly.