Zooming with Judy

FitNice Blog by Marilyn Morgan

If Covid-19 has taught us nothing else, it’s taught us how to improvise and adapt. Who thought
at the start of the pandemic it would ever turn out to be the life changing event of the decade?
While more and more information is learned about the virus, we still are in a wait and see mode across
the country.

If you are in the sewing business like Judy, you soon learned how quickly plans can change. In
the beginning she had to reschedule in-person classes; then cancel them all together when the stay at
home order was given. Now what ? Thanks to videographer son Matt—she soon had her answer.
Why not try Zoom Classes? Say what ? You all know Judy is a “let’s try it” kind of girl, so you
shouldn’t be surprised that she jumped on board with only slight hesitation. Just when you think
you’ve learned all you needed to learn on how to operate a business successfully, life throws you a
curve . . . .and we’re not talking a French Curve here.

Judy and hubby Bob teamed with Matt to learn all they could learn about doing a Zoom
presentation. If you’ve taken her Zoom classes lately, you will agree that they’ve become more
comfortable and competent with the format. Bob relays pertinent comments as they come in and all
Judy has to do is be herself! Well OK, maybe she’s had to learn how to switch cameras and share
screens and holler at us to “Please turn off your camera Marilyn”. It’s been fun and rewarding for us to
take the journey with them.


Judy offers one on one fit classes that allow the attendee personal help with their fit issues or
questions. She may not be able to schedule in-person events, but she has found a way to reach out to
women that may not have had the pleasure of personal measurements and fit education from Judy.

Just recently, Judy has offered an online Zoom “retreat” for the first 25 women that sign up.
This longer class will be as close to her in-person workshops as possible; except you’ll have to provide
you own donuts and coffee.

I heartily applaud Judy for being so willing to change in order to meet the need and stay current.
I don’t mean to make her sound like a person from the last century, after all she and I are about the
same age; but she has never lost that passion and excitement for her craft. Anyone that has met her
and worked with her can attest to that!

Given the entrepreneurial mess that Covid-19 unleased, it warms my heart that Judy and
Company have kept their focus on what she can bring to the garment sewing world. Warning!
Getting to know Judy and her system can be very contagious ! If you don’t believe me, talk to anyone
who has had that “aah haa” moment upon finishing a stylish garment that FITS and is COMFORTABLE
to wear!

Rock on Miss Judy !


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