Simple Sewlutions

Another Fantastic Book From FitNice & Judy Kessinger

Watch the video below to learn more.

FitNice Brings Ways To Solve Sewing Issues One Stitch At A Time

This book will guide you through well-designed notions, techniques and fun projects.  Welcome to the beginners, those that have been away from this craft, and seasoned sewists!

Book comes complete with QR codes linked to instructional videos.

Book Chapters / Video Index:

CHAPTER 1: Unnecessary Necessary Notions

CHAPTER 2: Seam Finishes

CHAPTER 3: Gluing Makes Sewing Easier

CHAPTER 4: Pick A Pocket For Fashion Or Function

CHAPTER 5: Yes, It’s Easy To Sew In Zippers

CHAPTER 6: Easy Collars For Tops And Jackets

CHAPTER 7: Sassy Sleeves

CHAPTER 8: Tricks And Tips