GERI FORD – Occoquan, VA


Geri first learned to sew from her mother and had her own sewing machine at the age of 7. She comes from a long line of professional seamstresses, dating back to her paternal great grandmother who was the dressmaker to Empress Teresa of Brazil from the 1870’s to 1889.

Geri was a costume designer in the 1980’s for several dance companies before she followed her Air Force husband overseas to Portugal and Germany. She went back to college and earned a B.S. in Business and Accounting from University of Maryland, and went to work for the DoD full time. As a military wife, Geri has had several jobs including, Arts and Crafts Center Manager, Secretary, Accounting Technician, Chief of Unaccompanied Housing, and IT Technician.

After she left government service in 2002, she became the Educator for a Babylock Dealer and has been there ever since. By the way, she still designs for a couple of professional ballroom dancers. Geri and her husband are enthusiastic ballroom dancers too.

She is an internationally award winning quilter. Her Rosa Parks Road to Freedom quilt has been displayed at national museums, libraries, cathedrals, and universities.

Geri just loves the Fit Nice System. Over the years, she used flat pattern drafting as well as several other pattern drafting systems (including computer bases systems) and has found the FitNice System the easiest to use and fit the best. I finally enjoy garment sewing again.


Phone:  703-490-1536