Reflections Of A Shop Owner’s Kid

By Heather Huston-Stapleton—comments by Marilyn Morgan

Today we helped our parents pack up and move things from their store, Linda’s Sew ‘N So. They are officially retired and now get to enjoy themselves and each other!

I didn’t fully realize how it would make me feel until tonight at dinner. My sister Jennifer and I grew up at out parents’ store. Roller skating upstairs, making secret houses under the table, listening to Cheech and Chong records, dancing and singing to cassette tapes of Weird Al, Paula Abdul, Madonna and The Beach Boys; pretending to work there, pretending to be mannequins in the window, learning how to count money and taking inventory, and so much more. I’ll be 38 this year, and they were in business for 37 years. Somehow they were able to provide for us, and when they couldn’t, they made it work. Our dad worked 2nd or 3rd shift jobs, our mom made extra crafts on the side she could sell; never buying anything new for themselves. They literally struggled week by week to provide for us and never letting it show. They always showed up at half time at football games to watch us march, attending band and choir concerts, field trips . . . They were always present in our childhood even though they were busting their butts to run a Mom and Pop shop. So, of course, because I’m a sap, I started crying after dinner tonight. I’m just so incredibly thankful for and to them. And I’m so incredibly happy that they FINALLY get to do things for each other and themselves. They truly deserve a lifetime of happiness !  Thank you so much Mom and Dad, and have fun being retired!  It’s finally your time !

Comments From Marilyn Morgan

When I read the above post on Facebook, I knew I had to get Heather’s permission to repost it. I had just submitted a blog on Heather’s mom Linda Huston and Dondi Squires.  Both women are sewing store entrepreneurs. Linda was about to retire and Dondi is the new kid on the block. Both women shared with me their owner/operator shop journey.   

I was a little tearful myself, after reading Heather’s post. It just shows the world what people with a passion to “Make it work” can do to achieve success.

I hope next time you’re shopping at your local sewing-machine-learning shop, you’ll take the time to give the owner a hug and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Marilyn Morgan


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