Judy Clubs . . . 6 Months Later

by Marilyn Morgan – for FitNice

A few months ago I wrote about starting a Judy Club after having Judy come to our Fort Wayne, Indiana American Sewing Guild to present her 3 day workshop. Since then, I’ve corresponded with other leaders of Judy Clubs across the country, asking them to talk about their journeys. Here’s what I learned . . .

Every one of us started a Judy Club after attending a FitNice workshop. We were all inspired and motivated after attending her workshops. We learned how to stretch our sewing and design muscles and we saw we could learn and receive inspiration from others. We all wanted to keep the momentum going. The Judy FitNice Clubs were born.

When asked what joys leaders have experienced, I heard stories of the joy in showing new sewers the easy way to sew using Judy’s techniques, the fun of building our own personal pattern style inventory, the joy of discovering each other’s talents and generally helping each other solve fitting problems or solving problems encountered with a project.

In the beginning the biggest problem we all faced was finding available space to meet. Most have been able to find a sewing store willing to donate space for their group. Some of us use local churches. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a free location, but the rewards have been huge!

The requirement for joining the club varies. All need to purchase the Judy Master Pattern or Patterns. Some clubs ask that you purchase the Design Workbook and others specify that you need to have an interest in garment sewing. One club votes on what top variation they will do the next month, while others are happy to have an assignment made for them. Everyone discusses possible variations for future projects.

Some of the unexpected things that leaders have experienced is influencing others to try something new; noticing that what one person sees as an easy application, another may find very challenging. The leaders all think of themselves as coordinators or facilitators, not necessarily a leader.

The most difficult fit issue for some has been with shoulders. Others struggle with how different knit types fit differently. It is important to note here that Judy is always available for consultation and help.

Some of the best aha moments have been comparing the finished garments and how different they all are depending on color and print. Another fun thing is to see how a little change or an embellishment to one of the variations will really change the look. Others have said that while they’ve sewn for years, this system has really changed their outlook and approach to garment sewing. I love it when I hear that!

One of the things that might spark your interest in starting your own Judy Club is to visit your closet. Carolyn Meyers told me her clothing selection was boring and she knew with the FitNice System she could do so much better. Louisa Halmi said she couldn’t wait to get together with her group each month; that’s how rewarding it is for her. Phyllis Viola mentioned that the Show & Tell portion of their meetings gave new ideas and tips that everyone could use. There has been good interaction and discussion about design and a finished garment.

The bottom line here is that we all encourage each other to think outside of the design box. We are willing to try new  things and we’re not afraid to share our design highs and lows with our sewing sisters. We have all found our Judy Club’s to be very rewarding for everyone. We all have added to our wardrobe and have amazed ourselves on how fast and easy we’ve been able to do so. Once the design bug bites . . . we find ourselves constantly coming up with ideas for a design or use a new fabric.

Why don’t you think about starting your own Judy Club. If you’ve been to a FitNice workshop or class, you know how inspired you were to dig in and change how you sew and design for yourself. We are here to help in any way we can…social media in the form of Judy’s FitNice Sewing Sisters Face Book page has been wonderful and inspirational to all of us. These clubs can be fun and rewarding. Many of us have formed new friendships with our sewing sisters. Katie Teach says it so well: “It goes beyond sewing – we’ve created a real family of sisters. So do it ! Start your own group. You won’t regret it, I promise.

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