Team Kessinger

In the 40 years that Judy has been in business, she has had input from all three of her children and her husband.  When she started FitNice 12 years ago her team rallied round! Her husband Bob, ( Judy calls him a perfect example of a Southern Gentleman) tags himself as her CEI, CEO—carry everything in, carry everything out!  David started in the beginning with video, pictures and help with web site.  Laura has always been the legal eye behind the business. Both grandkids have helped Judy with various tasks.

Five short years ago, Matt became part of the FitNice team.  Actually this wasn’t the first time he and his mom had joined forces.  Judy designed and created ice skating costumes for Matt throughout his skating career. Matt discovered ice skating at an early age watching his sister. Judy remembers Matt at the ice rink with his Match Box cars playing on the sidelines while her daughter, his sister, practiced hours on the ice. It wasn’t long before he thought maybe he’d like to try skating too.  Turns out he was a natural. Between support from his family and natural athletic ability matched with drive and determination, Matt would go on to become a national and international competitor for the U.S. Figure Skating Team and the U.S. Junior National championship. After leaving the ice, he began working with a production company that produces national and international ice skating tours as a production manager among other roles.  During all those years on the ice, Judy made all of his costumes.  She also began making costumes for other boys on the team as well. This is where Judy got her start in fitting a body and making outfits that would stand up to all the leaps, splits and spills on the ice.

Fast forward to the present.  Matt wanted to find a way to jumpstart Judy’s exposure to the sewing world in a way that was accessible to everyone.  He approached Judy with the idea of filming her talking about or demonstrating how a sewing technique was done.  As Judy was no stranger to talking in front of people, the videotaping was soon off and running.  At last count they have filmed over 375 videos.  Filing is usually done while Judy is in California, Matt’s home state.  They usually have a schedule of what they hope to tape, the layout of the materials and the script for any given day of shooting.  He’s very good at keeping everything on track. Judy also has her behind the scenes helpers when it comes to having everything ready for filming. It takes a “village”. When his schedule permits, Matt even travels to some of the trade shows with his mom and dad, helping or to film future videos for release.

A couple of years ago, those of us that signed up for the American Sewing Guild Los Angeles Tour got to see Matt work up close and personal.  That was the year Judy came out with her first book “Design It Yourself” .  Matt set up at the hotel where our event was held and filmed our group pouring over the new book.  He filmed a short video to promote the new book that included all of us; and we looked fabulous!  Matt’s laid back demeanor and naughty/sweet smile made the filming fun and lighthearted.

Matt and Judy make a good team.  He has developed the expertise for filming while Judy just has to be Judy. The videos are professional but welcoming.  Their venture into video has been a win win for both mother and son.  Matt adds, “My parents were so incredibly supportive of me and my skating. That’s what makes being a part of this so special. It’s such a pleasure to be able to return the support so to speak.  She is so easy to work with and we pretty much speak the same language. It just works!  I’m at a loss for words to explain how proud I am of her and what she’s accomplished. I can’t wait to see what’s next”?

So what’s next for Matt you ask?  Well in just a few months he and his wife Diana are expecting their first child. Game Changer !


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